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Patent #10,339,578 - Issued Jul. 2, 2019
Creating strategic partnerships across the industrial supply chain.

IQS® is comprised of product/service specific vertical website categories representing American industrial manufacturers. As a North American manufacturing company directory, IQS Directory offers the ability to compare potential vendors with ease by means of our roll-over preview ad system (Patent #7,483,872, Patent #8,051,059, Patent #8,156,096, and Patent #8,214,342) and our patented request for quote tool (Patent #8,538,822) throughout the industrial supply chain.

IQS® continually strives to provide more time efficiencies for today's busy buyers searching for manufacturing companies. We are adding to our product categories and we have just launched many upgrades including a state search feature which also provides results from the surrounding states as well. We have just added a new CAD drawing link. We appreciate any feedback provided on how we can better present manufacturing companies in the industrial supply chain.

Millions of manufacturing professionals rely on IQS.

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Informative digital marketing articles, industrial supply chain product and service related news, tradeshow and manufacturing company's association lists. IQSDirectory frequently asked questions.

We provide a complete internet marketing experience, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media management (SMM), PPC Management, and web design services to industrial manufacturers.

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